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Hurricane Hinge

Heavy Duty Aluminum Hurricane Hinge

 Frank Bear Hurricane Hinge
(Leak-Proof Galley Lid Hinge)

"Test Proven to be the Best"
  • 2-Piece Extruded Aluminum Aluminum - Mill Finish!
  • Lower Profle Crown
  • Tighter "Nesting Pocket" within the Crown (less slop/play)
  • No Lid-to-Roof Offset!
Hurricane Hinge comes in several different lengths
4ft -$52.00 - free shipping
5ft -$71.00 - free shipping
6ft - $90.00 - free shipping
add $19.00 for each additional foot up to 8' maximum length


     I've found these mill finish hurricane hinges to work great on our teardrop trailer's rear galley lid doors giving maximum performance and stability.

Hurricane Hinges are available in lengths up to 8'