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Start building your teardrop trailer today!

Kits are available in different stages of the build.

Call us with your ideas and we will be glad to quote you a kit

This kit is our 5 x 8 teardrop


We have Kits available in 4 x 9 and 5 x 9                        


Classic Cruiser

5 x 10 Kit Contents List

1) 5' x 10' Rolling Chassis
    Powder Coated Frame (2" Coupler, Safety Chains, 2000lb Jack and Jack Plate, Torsion Axle)
    Aluminum Skin Kit for 5' x 10' Trailer (2 -4' x 10" Vintage Roll Sides, 1 - Roof 5' x 12', and 1 Rear Galley Door Skin)
    Undercoated/Prefinished Body attached to the frame
    2 - .080 Aluminum Fenders (Color matched to the frame and roof)

    1) 26"x36" Passenger's side door
    1) 26"x36" Driver's side door
    1 set of Rubber door stops

    Aluminum Trim Kit for complete trailer including:
            5' Offset Aluminum Hurricane Hinge
            Insert Roof Edge Molding
            Offset T Molding

            PD-4045 Power Converter and Distribution Panel
            2) Interior LED Lights
            2) LED Porch Lights
            Fantastic Model 5000 Roof Vent
            1 set LED Tail Lights
            1 set of LED Side Markers
            120 Volt Male Receptacle Shore Power
            1 Roll 14-2 Wire

            1 Roll of 50' x 3/4 Butyl Tape
            14' Galley Hatch Seal
            30' PVC Vinyl Insert
            2 Quart Kit CPES Epoxy Sealer
            200 - #8 x 3/4 Stainless Steel Screws

            Rear Galley Double "T" Slam Kit
            Galley Prop's for your rear door


    1. Spare Tire and Mount
    2. Cabinets
    3. Cup Holders
    4. Mattress



We will build frames to the size you need.  Call us today and we will be happy to quote a frame for you.

This is a 5x10 Kit with a Yellow Frame