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Plastic Hinge


Ideal for galley & teardrop door applications RV & MARINE: 

(We sell also in 5ft or 6ft lengths. If different length needed give us a call (517)-741-5000

             Made of tough polyolefin plastic. These hinges resist saltwater, oil, most chemicals (including solvents), Temperature extremes, and damaging UV rays.  The hinge has a rigid leave and a flexible webbed middle instead of a pin.  The pinless design results in smooth, silent, water tight, operation.  There are no mounting holes--surface mount hinges using adhesive, screws, nails, or other fasteners.  Can be cut with a box cutter or razor.  For indoor and outdoor use.  From the folded position, the range of motion is 360. Temperature range is minus 40 to 180 F.